About Beth Foret Thomas

Beth Thomas formally Beth Foret is our newest addition to the Admin Team here at Premier Lending. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have her here, considering her wealth of experience. She started in the mortgage industry straight out of high school and has never left. She spent 17 years at the same mortgage company learning and working in just about capacity of the administrative side. She started, as she calls it, as a “paper pusher” but quickly excelled and moved to become a customer service rep where her challenge was to help solve mortgage servicing issues during hurricane Katrina. Needless to say, it was challenging but Beth prevailed and was very proud of being able to help homeowners through our cities worst natural disaster. Soon after Beth moved to shipper and eventually closer where she learned the valuable tools to help make loans close as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, she decided to move and found a place here at Premier. She has been a very valuable addition to our closing department, bringing the much-needed consistency and reliability that we were looking for. We are so grateful to have her here and I’m sure you will be too when your mortgage closes with the ease and simplicity it deserves.

"You can trust that our customer partnerships will be built on the commitment to providing you the best possible mortgage process."