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What Clients Say About Us!

We absolutely love Bernice. He helped us 6 years ago to purchase a home that we never thought we would be able to do. I’ve recommended him to family and friends who have used his services. Bernice treats his customers as if he has known them forever. He is always available when we have a question or concern. We knew exactly who to call when we were ready to refinance!
Shereka Poole

I rate Amy Wagner a 10! As a small business owner, I have heard stories of how difficult it is when dealing with personal financing. Amy Wagner made this experience much easier than I could have ever imagined. Amy was available day and night via phone, email and text. Her prompt response to all questions and guidance throughout each step of the process was extremely helpful. Amy has walked me through every step of the process from application to closing. Even with unprecedented conditions from the threat of two major storms the week of closing, I was kept informed of all details. Thanks to you all at Premier Lending!
M. Barrios

THANK YOU!!! I give a 10, the best score for all questions. Daniel Messinger was GREAT !!! We appreciate all his hard work in getting us through this process and we are enjoying our new home. VERY GRATEFUL!!! Thanks again.
M. Suazo

Mr. Talbot, 10’s across the board pertaining to satisfaction with my experience with Premier Lending LLC. Bernice Pace was great with communication and making sure everything was put together and ready for closing. I couldn't have been more pleased.
J. Ferguson

John Raymer is always very responsive and prompt in answering any communication we have. I would rate him a 10! John has always keeps me abreast of the loan process and is always accessible. Mr. Raymer makes the process easy and painless. I know a lot goes into the finance process but I am blissfully unaware. John and his team handle it all. I would definitely recommend Premier Lending to my family and friends. Premier is a stress-free, one-stop shop!
P. Bole and M. Morgan

We give you guys a 10! Tony Ortego was always available. He responded several times after hours and on the weekends. As I said earlier, we loved him! He even gave my wife and I ride back to our old house after the closing. Above and beyond customer service!!! This is my second loan with you guys. Super smooth process. I really feel like I used my personal bank. Keep up the nice work. There is no doubt I would recommend you guys. Great job all around. Really like you reaching out during and after the process as well. Until our next loan, keep up the great work.
K. Lambrecht

I rate her a 10, Amy Wagner was easy to get in touch with and returned my calls, texts, and emails quickly and in a timely manner. All the details were explained clearly, and all of my questions were answered. I would recommend Premier Lending to my friends and family. Amy was very helpful and helped me every step along the way. She even worked on some weekends and nights to make sure that I had everything in order. Thank you for a smooth loan application process Amy! I really appreciate it!
K. Mezzic

I rate Billy a 10! Billy was very easy to get in touch with. He answered all my calls and responded to emails within an hour. He answered everything I asked and explained things I didn’t understand. I have already told a friend about y’all!
K. Pearce

Tony was awesome to work with. I rate him a 10! He answered my questions and emails with no problems. I will recommend him to my friends and family! C. Dellsperger

My experience with Michelle Keys was a 10. She was very professional, very courteous, and always answered my questions. It was very easy to contact Ms. Keys. She responded promptly to all my inquiries. Ms. Keys was very good at explaining the entire process to me. I am especially grateful to her for her patience with all my inquiries. She emailed me when I needed to email documents to her and called when she needed to explain things. I plan to purchase additional properties and would like to use Premier again. I had a very positive experience.
P. Villarreal

10 all across the board! Michelle Keys was very driven, and worked really hard to get the deal done. Closing was a smooth process, she even took every effort to get my interest rate lowered. I strongly recommend her and Premier Lending for all your mortgage needs. Thank you Ms. Keys! Your actions can never go unnoticed and I love my new house!!!!!!
M. Gray

Thanks for reaching out to us. Tony Ortego is fantastic. This is our second loan with his help and we are back because of the great customer service your team provided a couple of years ago. Keep up the great work.
Kent L.

10!!!! Billy Persohn is the man!!! There is no need for improvement when you have Billy!!!!
Thanks, B. Bosch

Simply the best!!! I cannot speak highly enough about Tony Ortego, Senior Mortgage Advisor, with Premier Lending LLC. Work with Tony and you will not regret your decision. Tony worked hand-in-hand with our realtor to pre-qualify us and take us every step of the way through a successful purchase of a duplex in Gentilly. Tony responded within minutes to all questions and offered sensible and easy to understand answers to questions. He found the best way for my daughter (a first time homeowner) to purchase this duplex with my husband and I. Tony worked thru seemingly impossible issues with FHA financing to get us to a closing. He was upfront with all the terms of the loan, requirements for closing, and the interest rate was as he stated. Tony is top notch. You want him and Premier Lending, LLC, as your mortgage broker.

We were in a tight spot when we found a place that we liked, but it'd been so long since we were positive about a home that I'd let my preapproval lapse. My agent suggested we try Tony at Premier Lending to get the preapproval and then we could continue to shop around if we needed to for the loan.

Let me just say now that I don't think I'll ever bother with anyone else, Tony was super responsive to questions we had and went back and forth with us quickly while a different lender dragged their feet going hours between messages. It almost felt like what we were doing wasn't as important as it actually is with the calming ease Tony handled our application. Thanks to his hard work we were able to close on our first home Friday.

Billy Persohn was my loan originator. I have nothing but great things to say about Billy. He is certainly an asset to your organization. As stressful as refinances can be, my experience was stress free. Billy treated me more like a friend than a customer he just met. He was available anytime I had a question and made a point to keep me informed throughout the process. I'm not quite sure how you can improve other than to keep people like Billy around. Treat him well. It is because of him, I will send anyone I know in need of the services Premier Lending offers to them. Your lending institution will always be highly recommended by me. I respect your teamwork. Keep up the good job.
D. DuBroc

Thank you so much for everything, you really are a beast at your job and I couldn’t have done it without you! And of course I will recommend you every chance i get! I’ve been bragging about you for a while now already!
S. Endris

Hey Tasha, It’s truly been my absolute pleasure teaming up with you as a real estate partner and friend. I’m so grateful for you and I thank you as well for being an amazing person and the passion that you have for your profession. Here’s to many more successful years! Thank you
N. Ross

Good afternoon Tasha, First off, I would like to thank you tremendously for all your help with the purchase of our new home! You were such a pleasure to work with and had every answer we needed! We really can't thank you enough!
I went on your site and reserved the moving truck (which btw, is the coolest thing and thank you for offering this service) for Saturday so that we can get our furniture moved to the new house. Again, thank you so much for being so helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with!!!
C. Keller

I would like to take a moment and express how impressed I am with the work of Mr. Pace. He has been an asset and a pleasure to work with. He has been quick to respond with any questions I had. He does not slack in customer relation skills and I would be pleased to ask him for help in the future if needed. Truly, what made the most lasting impact on me is that he offered me not one but three options to choose for my financial needs. I feel privileged to have him working on my behalf. I truly hope you and your team are aware of his hard work and that it does not go unnoticed. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me and provide me with yet another great resource and contact.
Best Regards, J. Harrison

Daniel has been great in this process. I retired from Winn Dixie with 46 years experience and I can tell you Daniel is an asset to your company. He is very professional on the phone and very understanding. Thank you so much for your e-mail. Very much appreciated!
R. Carter

I would rate working with Billy a 10. Billy was great to work with, super smooth process with no issues at all. He surely explained everything going on in the process and answered all my questions. I also would recommend Premier Lending to my friends and family. Billy Persohn was great to work with. He guided us every step of the way and we even got to close a week early which fit our time frame. I don't think I've been through a more smoother lending process. It was effortless! Great employee to have!
Thank you, R. Barthel

I would like to take this time to say how happy I am with the experience I received from this company. First off when I was referred to Daniel I reached out to him and received a call back the same day. Daniel was very knowledgeable and available anytime I had questions. He assured me from the start that he would be there from start to finish. Being new to the home buying process I was concerned with not making the right decisions, but Daniel was there to answer all my questions and put my fears to rest. He got me qualified for the loan and was also able to get me a lower interest rate than expected. I would definitely rate this company and Daniel a 10 ++ If you are looking for a company that's going to provide excellent customer service and put you in the right home loan, look no further Premier Lending is the company for you!!!! Thank you, Daniel for exceeding my expectations!
R. Dace

On a Scale of 1 - 10 : I give you guys a 10 for my experience with Premier Lending. My loan officer, Daniel Messinger’s communication was way beyond my expectations!! I was very happy with him. He was at his best when answering my questions and emails.
I am very satisfied, actually I have never felt so confident with Daniel, who made it so easy and very professional. He was very helpful in every way and without question. I will definitely recommend Premier Lending to my friends and family.
I will never stop thanking you guys for all the help provided during this process, especially Daniel Messinger. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true!!
Ms. Hernandez and Mr. Reyes

10 across the board. John Raymer was fantastic and went above and beyond. We will always recommend Premier Lending LLC.
M. LeBlanc

It's all a 10! Bernice Pace was great! I hated all the paperwork gathering but that's mostly because all my legal papers were either in storage in Covington or lost in the mail "forward to" addresses & my actual address. To add a layer of fun, I get to fill out the Post Office change of address...again! I don't mind since this is my LAST MOVE because I LOVE MY HOUSE! Thank y'all so very much. I hope you realize what a gem Bernice is. I'd also like to thank all the helpful folks there that were part of the whole loan process. Please thank them for me.
M. Mosteller

I would rate our experience with Premier Lending a 10. Michelle Keys was very efficient and personable throughout our entire process. She made sure that we were aware of all aspects of the process and answered any questions we had in a timely manner. We had an amazing experience with your company and have referred several friends and family members to Premier Lending. Thanks,
L. Jones

Thank you! This is the 2nd or 3rd time utilizing your company, Premier Lending, LLC with purchase of our homes. Bernice Pace is very responsive and professional. My realtor has said nothing but great things about Bernice.
Thanks, Alicia F.

First of all Tasha Bourgeois and Premier Lending was amazing. Tasha was always an email, text or phone call away. I never reached out to her that she didn’t respond within the hour. She explained anything and everything and even answered questions I needed answered but didn’t know I needed to ask. I can’t think of anything that could be improved on. I would tell anyone who would listen that if they used anyone but Premier Lending they are wasting there time and missing out.
Thanks so much.
S. Ward

Absolutely. Billy is wonderful. We actually went through him on our house that we bought 3 years ago. We remembered how easy it was with him. He was the first person we thought of when we wanted to sell our house and buy a new one. I also have been recommending his services to a few of my friends.
· On a scale of 1-10 (10 excellent, 1 poor), how would you rate your experience with Premier Lending? 10
· Was your loan officer easy to get in touch with? Did they return your calls/emails quickly? Yes, definitely
· Were the details explained clearly throughout the process? Were all of your questions answered? Yes
· Where do you feel we can improve? Nothing really stands out.
· Would you recommend Premier Lending to your friends and family? Yes, definitely

Billy deserves a big fat bonus/raise! :) Sincerely, Brandi R.

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate my experience as a 10. Tony was easy to get in touch with and always returned our calls quickly. Any questions that we asked he was able to answer. I will definitely recommend Tony and Premier Lending to my friends and family. Thanks so much for all of your help!
V. Ross

Our experience with Billy Persohn was definitely a 10. He was very professional and was on top of everything. I was very nervous about the entire home buying process, unfortunately this is not one of my best personality traits. Billy was very understanding and was amazing throughout the entire process. He truly tried to ease any unnecessary worry that I had. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and was very easy to get in touch with. I had a great experience and will definitely refer Billy to friends and family in the future. Thanks for such a smooth process, we really appreciate it.
B. Foret

I just want to let you know that Tasha has been doing a great job. She had help me with getting a mortgage before. And she is now helping me with another one. Tasha is very informative and quick to response to any question I had. I really appreciate her patience and will recommend her to everyone I know.
Lynn Tran

Tony has been great to work with and very efficient. The whole process, so far, has been the easiest home loan I've ever been a part of.

I just closed on a house and wanted to share. I am a first time homebuyer and will admit that I had some worries going into this daunting process. There is a whole new vocabulary to learn and a ton of confusing paperwork and stipulations and other considerations that must be accounted for. Tony Ortego with Premier Lending was OUTSTANDING with everything from the moment he contacted me all the way up to even after closing. His communications have been concise yet thorough and broken down into layman's terms so even someone with no knowledge of the process can understand what is being asked of them. Tony covered different options and was ALWAYS looking out for my best interest. He got me the best loan for my situation. Every step of the way, he made sure I was comfortable with everything before we continued and was willing to re-explain things if I was not. I HIGHLY recommend Tony Ortego and Premier Lending to anyone looking to purchase a home.
Trevor R.

Tony was great, knowledgeable and prompt in returning my calls. Details were clear and explained very well. I had contacted 2 other lenders before Premier, Carrington sounded like they had a third party call center and never returned my call and I e-mailed another one with no response. I looked up Premier Lending and your company had great reviews so I e-mailed you and got a response that someone would be contacting me soon, which Tony did. These other companies dropped the ball and they lost business, can’t imagine how much revenue goes out the door because of poor management and customer service, so kudos to a well-run business. Yes, I will recommend you to friends and family.
David M.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. My experience with Premier lending and Amy Wagner was Phenomenal and my rating would be a 10+. As this process was all new to me and scary doing it by myself Amy made this experience enjoyable and smooth. She went above and beyond to make sure I understood and felt confident. I couldn't have asked for more from her! I have shared this experience with everyone I know!!
Celeste H.

We've worked with Tony in the past through Premier Lending and I must say that it has been such a simple and wonderful process in working with him. I believe this is our 3rd time in working with Tony for our mortgage needs. He's always professional and is most helpful whenever we have any questions. It's nice to know that there are still good people out there who we feel we can trust, especially when dealing with monetary values of large amounts. I'm confident that we have all the support and information we need from Tony at this juncture. We will continue to work with him and recommend his and Premier Lending's services to others.

"My loan officer, Robin was wonderful. She was always responsive and worked hard to get me the best rate."
Maggie W.

"Premier leadership and staff bent over backward to make sure our loan application and processing was seamless and smooth. Though this was my first loan and I had great anxiety and anticipation, everything was fully explained and easy to process. Customer service is exceptional. I believe very strongly that both my loan officer and the company as a whole embraces standards of ethics and responsibility to their clients."
Jacqueline B.

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the job everyone did at your company. I have refinanced several times in the past and usually pick the company that has the lowest rates. Of course I did the same when I chose your company. However, this time I received great service to go with the low rate."
Jamie M.

" My loan officer was great to work with from beginning to end. Tammy was very easy to get a hold of and if I had any questions; she got back to me immediately. She explained everything very thoroughly throughout. Our loan officer kept everything moving right along, made it as simple as possible. I really don't have any complaints.

Best rates and competitive rates. You excel with customer service and prompt service. Amy answered her own calls and I rarely got a voicemail. If I did get a voicemail, she returned the call very promptly. Same with emails. Great job, Premier Lending!
James G.

"Tasha was always available and prompt in returning calls. This is my 6th Loan with Tasha and everything are clearly laid out and explained. Tasha clearly worked hard at helping customers. I did get most of my loan at the rate I wanted. I value customers service. I like that my loan representatives are working hard to get me what I need. I appreciate your service."
Tung N.

Now that we are officially homeowners and closing is complete, I wanted to once again reach out and let you know how much we enjoyed working with Daniel. Throughout this entire process, Daniel was thorough, knowledgeable, accessible, and patient (we probably called him 1,000 times). I cannot speak any higher of Daniel and will be recommending him and Premier Lending to anyone who will listen.
Darsey and Kristin

Tasha Bourgeois was fantastic! She made the entire process so simple for us! Everything was explained clearly and questions were answered promptly. She made a potentially stressful process super easy! I will definitely recommend Tasha and Premier Lending to anyone in the future!!

Thanks so much. Tony is a Rockstar. I am really really enjoying working with him. Also, the seller of the house we’re buying said that one of the deciding factors in their accepting my bid over another, was that we are working with a local lender and the other offer came from someone working with Chase. Thought you might appreciate that!

Billy was amazing!! For a first time buyer, he kept me informed of any and all changes, which was to say the least comforting, seeing as though this whole process can be trying at times. Very easy to get in contact with through email and/or phone. Great attitude, excellent customer service, and over all a very genuine human being. I would hands down refer someone to Billy and I’m sure they will have a pretty similar experience. Thank you so much, Billy! Premier Lending y’all have a great agent on your hands.

Paxton was fantastic, if not for him I doubt I would have used Premier Lending. He's very thorough and made the process completely painless every step of the way. Thank you.

I tell everyone how AMAZING and patient Bernice was throughout the whole process. He made the process smooth (I closed few days shy of 4 weeks). Bernice was always open and honest. Listen to him and you cannot go wrong. Thank you, Bernice!!

My overall experience with Ms. Keys was great! I will definitely be referring you guys. Thanks a lot!

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