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Our Mission:

Premier Lending's mission is to provide our clients with the best possible mortgage solutions by going the extra mile in every single case in order to close a mortgage as quickly and as easily as possible.

Our Business Plan:

As a company that has been successful since 1996 in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas, our Core Values are the most important part of what it takes to understand what Premier Lending, LLC does for services. We are a Mortgage Broker Firm first, but in our line of work, people aren't just buying a product. Our customers and partnerships are based on trust and structure.

Premier Lending, LLC has the functions of a strong and independent firm. We maintain healthy and long term relationships with 25+ lenders, insurance agencies, title companies and real estate agencies. The determination, structure, accountability and discipline practiced at Premier Lending, LLC makes what we do successful and fulfilling.

Our Core Values and What they mean to Premier Lending, LLC:

Determination is a requirement for any successful professional in life. "No" doesn't actually mean "No," it means "Not yet." This particular trait isn't just about getting through to individuals; this is about the way someone wants to succeed. Are they going to live their lives as if they have already gotten there? We do and will continue to strive. We have been named the 5th most successful and reliable company in Louisiana as a Mortgage Broker Firm from 2011 to 2013 in City Business. Premier Lending, LLC continues to climb when America's Top 10 named Premier Lending, LLC as one of its favorite firms in 2013.

Systems and Discipline of our programs are quite involved. There are specific structures in place to be more pro-active toward the entire loan process from first interactions to post-closing congratulations and our structures are reviewed for every loan's success. Our brokers maintain specialties. The specific course for a loan must be determined according to the variables of the client and products we offer. A great broker will have a systematic structure that maintains communication, efficiency and prompt results prior to beginning and ending the loan process.

To reflect properly upon the previously mentioned Core Values, we must humbly admit that we are not the best option for all loan products. We are a company that offers determination and confidence in our structure. Premier Lending, LLC cannot offer our expectations in every loan offered in banking; however, the discipline and acknowledgement of this information is a solidifying factor for any company with a successful business plan.

In order to distinguish Premier Lending, LLC's values and service, all aspects of the company and performances are measured according to expectations. We evaluate the programs to verify the meeting of expectations; however, exceeding expectations is our primary goal. Examples of this would be (1) Which real estate agent refers the most clients to us? (2) How often are referrals sent? (3) How does this compare to the real estate agent sending us the least amount of leads? and (4) Why is this real estate agent sending us so few? These are all points of business to address; however, through this line of questioning and measuring, there may be a neglected area of the process that was over-looked. Measurement of success and progress is pertinent to move forward in a growing business.

Just as Premier Lending, LLC measures the progression in the company, we maintain and manage a working machine. Each part of the operation is dire to getting a loan closed according to the professional standards we offer. Our loan brokers work hand in hand with all parts of the loan progression anticipating the needs prior to request of the potential lender. Because there are so many steps involved, administration and management have continued to keep a structured procedure in order for all tasks within the loan. The loan applications starts with the loan broker. The processor will correspond directly with the lender's underwriting team. The underwriting team will approve the loan which will then be closed by the settlement agent. Now, there are other companies involved throughout this process. The surveyors, appraisers and insurances companies are examples of where the loan application needs to be approved; however, proper management and organization of this system makes every step seem natural.

Our Core Values have been thorough regarding the preventative measures taken to ensure perfect closed loans every time. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect. When problems do arise throughout the process, we accept full accountability. Premier Lending, LLC communicates very well amongst ourselves, with our clients and with all other companies or personnel involved throughout the loan application. If there are improprieties to the list of these Core Values, you can guarantee that the issue will be resolved quickly, professionally and eminently. Premier Lending, LLC can follow suit saying that our character in crisis, shows our strength in the calm.

The last, but certainly not least Core Value is more of a quaint commodity. The diversity and culture within our office has our loan brokers relatable and our clients comfortable. Among the office, Premier Lending, LLC has a presence of comradery. All of our employees work side by side achieving our best every day. As for our clients, the sense of trust and honesty throughout the application is required. Premier Lending, LLC has found that clients who may have a common ground with a specific broker tend to enjoy the purchase or finance more than otherwise. The culture diversity is a honor that we can offer to clients to experience and enjoy.

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